Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Packing Up & Selling It All

DGJ_4659 - St. Paul Island South Point Lighthouse
DGJ_4659 - St. Paul Island South Point Lighthouse (Photo credit: archer10 (Dennis))
one very weird thing about moving away and cutting all strings that connect you with the place you've lived in, is how you are in a sort of twilight-zone during your last few days. stellenbosch is still the same and very familiar, but our flat looks completely different now.

a few days ago, we started packing up everything and selling whatever may be sold including our furniture, my car, cds, dvds, books... and so forth. so, gradually, our apartment is getting more and more empty. at least our bed is still standing, so we needn't sleep on the floor - yet.
and let me tell you, it's absolutely unreal to pack all your everyday household items into boxes, and driving them to the next 2nd hand shop to sell them off for a ridiculously low price and then getting told that you actually got a sweet deal out of it. it surely doesn't feel so.

when moving around frequently, it is absolutely crucial to not get too attached to your belongings because if you do get too attached to them, you'll end up with a huge pile of things that you've got no idea how to get rid of (in fact, you don't want to get rid of them, anyway) an hour before leaving for the airport. we're pretty much well-trained in that aspect and during this year, every now and again, we gave things away that we knew we wouldn't absolutely need.
both, my wife and i, have trained ourselves also to avoid buying all these small decoratives - "kakkies" as she calls it (translates to "crappies") - that usually make your home just that little bit more personal and cozy, to save ourselves the work of getting rid of them again. of course, in the end, we still have bought a few such kakkies. but at least by restricting ourselves, we don't have to deal with too many of them now.

i just got a call from my wife that we finally found someone to sell our car to. so it's time to say goodbye to my trustworthy vehicle - probably the only object that i tend to get attached to - and i surely hope it will be just as reliable for the new owner as it was for us.

anyway, i'm getting more and more excited about moving to the green shores dublin. the itching has started and continues to grow by the day.

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